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The year 1971 saw the laying of Unifood’s foundation in the city of Jeddah, the heart and soul of the industrial boom that was witnessed during that era. A Pasta factory was established at the city’s central hub in what is today called as “Makarona Street” … a name congruently given. The company’s inexhaustible approach and leveraging the advancement in technology every passing year indeed paved the way for its rapid growth in all trade segments, also, increasing the product range in parallel.

Today, Unifood produces a wide range of food products such as Pasta, Cakes, Jellies, Vermicelli, Custards, Icing Sugar, Vanilla Powder, Baking Powder etc.… It’s affiliation with Ayan Holding Group has brought in abundant amounts of efficacy in the company’s overall operations. Ayan Holding Group is a purely Saudi based group of industries dealing with miscellaneous products and services, from the construction business to retail.

Dr. Musallam Ali Bin Musallam

Chairman – Ayan Holding Group

Message from the Owner

Praise to Allah SWT, Lord of the universe and peace & blessings to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the Master of the Messengers, make peace and blessings on the Prophet.


Unifood (National Foodtuff Manufacturing Company Limited) was Established in the early 70’s with the vision to provide the people of Saudi Arabia with the best possible quality of food. Over the years, Unifood has made its journey from a starter to one of finest food brands in the Kingdom. The modernity of the company and the manufacturing facility, and most importantly its affiliation with Ayan Holding Group has indeed paved the way for its rapid growth. Unifood operates consistently with Saudi Arabia’s economic Vision 2030 contributing to the growth of this prosperous land.

Message from CEO

At Unifood, we have and always will implement innovative methods to produce a wide variety of food products our consumers love. We have established enhanced and effective work flow systems for each sector in our enterprise resulting in a remarkably smooth operational structure. Along with extending our coverage throughout the Kingdom (and internationally), we are continuously working to introduce new range of products everyday to match the competitiveness of the market.

Zia Ur Rehman Syed



Our Mission has always been simple, to bridge the gap between us and the consumer, to give them that special personal touch which most of the brands in today’s world lack. We want to indulge our consumers through our range of products and reach to the right markets. Unifood is an ethical, purpose – driven and awe-inspiring entity, where quality is a state of mind. Apart from providing our consumers with the best quality and taste, we also want to contribute to the development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia synchronously. We, indeed are a core part of the Kingdom’s entire industrial growth – the food market, and we want to leverage that and be part of something great in the long run.


The management at Unifood envisions itself at the top when it comes to food products, a few years from now, Unifood would have created such a unique brand position in the market that every household would possess our offerings, hence creating a unique bond within the same household through a woman’s magical touch. The near future would see a significant rise in our overall market share and value by increasing our shelf spaces with innovative products. Unifood would redefine success in the food market in the coming years and will set new standards for others to follow.

Quality Certifications

We take pride in being certified from the world’s top certification bodies. Unifood has always made sure that safety and quality are our primary concerns. To assure this we have been certified with the following:

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